About Us

Our primary aim at 'All Things Active' is to deliver activity programs that complement the academic work in alternative education provision.

We provide programmes for those young people who experience difficulties within mainstream academic formats that are practical, useful and which can lead to qualifications that are nationally recognised, that can assist students in securing future employment.

We believe that every young person, irrespective of their current situation or level of ability, can make and sustain substantial progress. This has been evidenced by the very encouraging results of our ‘VeloBuild’ programme which we delivered to 6 schools, covering 150 students, who successfully completed the programme in the 6 months of our launch.


Matt has been fantastic when working with the children here. Every child regardless of age, gender or expertise has been able to access this course and complete it, taking home a brand new, fully functioning bike of their own. The soft skills that pupils learn and develop whilst progressing through this course with Matt are incredibly valuable, the students grow in confidence and self-esteem from week to week as the acquire new skills and knowledge around the mechanics of bikes. It is primarily a practical course which many students will benefit from, especially pupils who may find academic or classroom learning difficult. Matt delivers in a very hands on, kinesthetic style of learning through demonstration which we have found works brilliantly with visual learners.

Jason Waitt (Deputy Headteacher, Infiniti School)

All things active bike building courses have been a tremendous addition to our school provision. The courses are engaging, rewarding and the pupils leave with a new set of skills and a brand new bike, amazing.

Adam Packer (Head of Primary and Occupational Studies, Victory Park Academy)

I really enjoyed this course because it was something that I had never done and we got to keep the bike. I learned that if something went wrong it wasn’t a problem and I could take things apart and start again. I now know how to fix my bike and I use it all the time.

(Year 9 Pupil, Infiniti school)