How It Works

We supply each student with a brand-new mountain bike, packaged and in its constituent parts, i.e. two wheels, frame and box of components (chain set, gears, brakes, cables pedals etc)

Over the length of the course the students are shown:

a) How to build their bike
b) How to service it
c) How to replace or renew damaged or worn components

Each student then gets to keep the bike they have built.

In addition, throughout the course, more advanced techniques and demonstrations are given to ‘stretch and challenge'.

The student is supported throughout the program and all their work is checked and recorded to ensure parts are securely fixed. We give a brief description each time a new part or procedure is introduced, outlining its purpose, structure, and relation to the other mechanical parts, as well as the tools necessary to fit it and approximately how long it should take.


'VeloBuild' is a completely practical, 'hands on' course that has proven very helpful for those students who have experienced difficulties with reading, comprehension or emotional and behavioral issues. Student feedback suggests it has given participants a very real sense of achievement and pride in the ultimate 'finished article' together with the associated skills that are developed in the process.


a) Gives students vocational knowledge and skills.
b) Active learning.
c) Improved ‘motor’ skills.
d) Encourages physical activity.
e) The course can be incorporated into the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, either in the Skills section or the Expedition section (or both!)
f) The opportunity for work experience or placement in bike shops as a bike mechanic, retail outlets such as Halfords or as a cycle courier, are all viable outcomes.
g) Pilot programs have clearly shown significant improvement in pupil attendance and retention throughout the program.
h) The student gets to build - and keep his/her own bicycle. A major incentive!
i) All students are given a helmet, hi viz belt, and light set on completion of the course.
j) We can arrange for a Bikeability instructor to deliver a safe riding/ road safety course for the students. Bikeability is the updated version of the National Cycling Proficiency certificate. There is a small additional cost for this.

Group Size and Session Length

Our most popular course configuration is 6 students divided into two groups over two consecutive sessions with each session lasting 120 minutes. Breaks can be built in where required. However, we are committed to building courses around your timetable from one day intensive courses to multi-session courses. Session frequencies and lengths can be adapted to suit your requirements. 

Experience indicates that a 3 week course, delivered in 2hr sessions, enables the information to be effectively retained. Shorter programs can be delivered if requested, as well as smaller group size if that is felt to be more appropriate for the students involved.